Medicare Support Services

Researching Medicare in New Mexico? If you’re looking for answers to questions about Medicare, we can help.

ICUSA Medicare Support Services specializes in Navigating you through the mysteries of the Medicare and Social Security systems.  We are independent advisors serving as unbiased advocates to guide you through the maze.

What You Can Expect

Our advisors will work with you to provide the education you need to understand your options with Medicare.  The following steps outline the basic process in assisting you.

  • ​ Personal Interview to ensure we have all the necessary information to help you make your best Medicare decision
  • Educating you on the how Medicare works so you understand what Medicare Part A and B benefits are and the gaps that exist.
  • Explaining all the Insurance products that are designed to fill the gaps in coverage like Part D drug plans, Advantage plans and Medicare supplements.
  • Medicare Enrollment Assistance:  We will help you enroll in Medicare Part A and or B if you haven’t already enrolled.  In addition, we will help you with other necessary paperwork for situations like appealing high-income cost increases or qualifying for Special Enrollment Periods when you leave your employer plan.
  • Basic Social Security Program Education.: We explain the Social Security process and filing options if requested.
  • Medicare Support Service: Ongoing support service for the years ahead, if you have questions about Medicare or claims issues our advisors will assist you in resolving them.  Also, every year we will review your Medicare plans and Part D plans to make sure you continue to have the best coverage.

Our mission is to provide you with a clear understanding of costs relating to your future health expenses so you can avoid enrolling into the wrong program. 

Cost for these Consulting Services

We do not charge a fee for the above services including our ongoing Support program providing ongoing customer service.  We believe that you should get all you deserve from the Medicare system. After all, you earned it.

Our fee is paid by all the Medicare Insurance companies and Broker partners.

Medicare in New Mexico Can Be Confusing

Our advisors can help you with all your questions:

  • Do I need to enroll in Medicare if I am still working and have health coverage through work?
  • How do I enroll in Medicare?
  • What is Medicare and how does it work and what will it cover?
  • Do I need a supplement to cover the gaps in Medicare coverage?
  • What kind of drug coverage is available with Medicare?
  • What is the difference between a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medicare Supplement?
  • What are the rules with Medicare and will I be penalized for not enrolling?
  • Is Dental and Vision covered with Medicare?

Our Advisors can help answer these and many more questions, plus assist you in understanding all the Medicare supplement and drug plans that are available and will make sure you have the education to choose the best plan for you.

Contact us to schedule a telephone appointment or sign up for one of our monthly online seminars.

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